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Hearthstone Frozen Throne Solo Adventure Missions Players’ Guide – Lower Citadel

September 2nd, 2017 | Posted by Indri in card games | Hearthstone | world of warcraft - (Comments Off on Hearthstone Frozen Throne Solo Adventure Missions Players’ Guide – Lower Citadel)

lich king hearthstone mission guide

While this has been out for a few weeks now, I wanted to write a little bit about the new solo game mode

Let me just say I love the solo mode games, sometimes it’s nice to not have a human opponent. It feels a little less stressful to me. These fun and challenging new story mode games are packed with flavor. There are also some pretty funny comments from the Lich King. You will be awarded a pack of cards, and a gold card for playing through them. These are tough matches meant for more advanced players. You need the right deck to beat them. These are being released over time, as of now only week one has been available to play.

Here are the deck strategies I used to win week one of Hearthstones’ Lower Citadel.

The Lower Citadel wing is the first wing of Icecrown Citadel. There are three bosses to beat after the prologue, Lord Marrowgar, Saurfang, and last but not least – Lady Deathwhisper. You’ll have to build a custom deck to beat each of them, most likely.

The Prologue
Don’t try too hard here, you aren’t meant to win this one. Just play as well as you can and have fun with the story and characters.

Lord Marrowgar
I haven’t seen this strategy used by other guides, but here is how I beat him rather easily. I use a pretty standard taunt warrior deck with Fire Plume’s Heart. Using the taunt guys, quest weapon, and poison creatures, I ran him out of cards, then won through the fatigue damage pretty quickly.

Deathbringer Saurfang
I used the warrior taunt quest deck again for this one with only a couple modifications. I added 1x Gorehowl, and 2x Arcanite Reaper. My strategy was to wear him down to the point where he had no hand left, hiding behind the taunt creatures and using the quest weapon. Then once he has no threats left, crush him with the weapons.

Lady Deathwhisper
This one was more of a challenge. I used a priest deck with Circle of Healing, Binding Heal, Purify, Earthen Ring Farseer, and Greater Healing Potion… What I did here was heal the dragon, and attack 4 times. Deathwhisper will always use her hero power first, so the dragon won’t be killed.