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Get 50 Packs of Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’Goro Expansion CHEAP with Amazon Coins!

March 2nd, 2017 | Posted by Indri in Amazon Coins | card games | Hearthstone | Ramblings - (Comments Off on Get 50 Packs of Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’Goro Expansion CHEAP with Amazon Coins!)

Get 50 Packs of Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’Goro Expansion CHEAP with Amazon Coins!

Every time there’s a Hearthstone pre-release, the kind developers offer a sweet promotion where you can pre-order 50 packs of the new set at $1 each. This allows you to get a ton of new cards at cheap prices, and be ready to compete when the set is officially released. You even get to open the packs before they are released! Great if you haven’t seen any of the cards yet, you’ll have fun opening and exploring Un’Goro.

Un’Goro was always one of my favorite zones in World of Warcraft. It’s one of the few parts of the game that actually got my heart racing… with huge dinosaurs running around and hearing their footsteps, it was nerve wracking but fun! I haven’t seen all of the cards yet, but I’m expecting some large reptiles to make an appearance in a big way!

Journey to Un'Goro Promotional Deal

Buying Hearthstone packs of the new set for only a dollar a pack is already an awesome deal, every player should be taking advantage of that… but it gets better! You can save another 1%-25% on top of that when you spend Amazon Coins on this deal! Another sweet part of the deal is, for a limited time, you’ll get 500 Amazon Coins back when you get this promotion!

There isn’t a catch other than you will need to install your game through the Amazon App or marketplace. If you have Hearthstone installed through Google Play store or elsewhere, you are going to have to uninstall that version, then reinstall the Amazon version. That’s how you unlock the ability to spend Amazon Coins from inside the game, and start saving money immediately!

Here is the deal breakdown step by step:

Step One – Install Amazon’s Version of Hearthstone
If you haven’t already, go and install the Amazon version of Hearthstone unlocking the ability to spend Amazon Coins which will save you 1%-25% on your packs – depending how many you buy at a time. The more you spend, the more of a discount you get on the coins, which you spend on packs at $1 per 100 coins.

Step Two – Buy Amazon Coins for you Amazon Account
It’s important to note that the discount you get depends fully on how much you spend at the time of purchasing Amazon Coins. The lowest amount you can buy at the time of writing is 500 coins (equal to $5 of in game value) for a mere 1% discount, up to 50,000 coins (equal to $500 of in game value) for a 25% discount! The coins don’t expire, and you can use them for anything you would spend money on in Hearthstone. You can also install other games that accept Amazon Coins as payment, or send extra coins to your friends as a gift.

As I’ve said before in my save money on Hearthstone post, I feel most comfortable buying 5000 coins at a time for the 17% discount. That’s the sweet spot for me that usually allows me to buy anything I need from Hearthstone. In this case, that will be exactly what you need to spend on this deal – Which means you are saving 17% on top of the 50 packs for 50 bucks prerelease promotional deal. Less than a dollar per pack, plus an exclusive card back! This is too good to miss!

Step Three – Visit the Hearthstone In-App Store
If you have the fully updated Amazon version of Hearthstone installed, you can navigate to the store within the app and choose “Cards”. In there you should see the glowing deal available for purchase, and now be able to spend your shiny new Amazon Coins on the deal. If you don’t have enough coinage, you will also be able to buy them through the game.

Hurry and jump on this cheap Hearthstone packs deal before they release the set, then these packs will be full price! Which is currently $40 for 50 packs.

Here are some Journey to Un’Goro videos to wet your appetite, in case you don’t know about it or aren’t sure if it’s going to be fun (spoiler alert – it will be fun! ).

Journey to Un’Goro Announcement Video – (these guys are fun!)

Journey to Un’Goro Cinematic Trailer Video